Post-Workout Nutrition: Window of Opportunity?

Post-Workout Nutrition: Protein SynthesisAccording to popular belief, we have anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours (depending on the source) after a strength training workout to consume whey protein, which will supposedly aid in production of muscle growth due to your body being in a state of shock. So which is it? What is the ideal time frame for applying post-workout nutrition? 30 minutes? An hour? Three?When it comes to post-workout nutrition and protein synthesis, the so-called science is very conflicting: much of the information available is cited from studies done on elderly people engaging in cardiovascular exercise. The problem is, healthy young adults don’t digest and absorb whey protein the way the elderly do. For the young and fit it’s absorbed quickly, but for older individuals whey protein is broken down the same way as if they were consuming casein protein (very slowly). There are extreme biological differences that exist between the nutrient breakdown and absorption processes of the young and the elderly, and the way each group assimilates macro-nutrients. With conflicting research and different body processes among large groups of people, further research is necessary to determine what is optimal.It is important not to rely on any single source of information, as there are many confusing and conflicting accounts all over the internet, with varying levels of credibility. For example, there are many studies that examine responses of protein synthesis for an entire day after a workout – in other words, enhanced levels of post-workout nutrition for 24 hours! It goes without saying that protein synthesis is the most important thing to focus on post strength training, but what is that magic window?My suggestion is to consume 15-40 grams of protein within one hour of strength training. To me this makes the most sense due to the body’s own ability to repair itself. Also, drink plenty of water and a few very important things will occur: the body will eliminate toxins, remove fatty acids from blood, and help clear triglycerides. Let’s not forget that our natural HGH levels are drastically elevated post-workout, which helps aid in organ reserve to cell reproduction, bone density, and muscle mass. The moment insulin is elevated, HGH levels drop.Post-Workout Nutrition: Glycogen ReplenishmentGlycogen replenishment is another common post-workout nutrition concern. We are told that we need to replenish the body’s glycogen loss that occurs during our workouts so that it will be restored for our next workout. First, let’s understand how the body works naturally: carbohydrates are supposed to replenish glycogen stores in the liver and muscle cells while supplying the body with a sufficient amount of blood glucose for immediate energy.Carbohydrates work in conjunction with insulin (one of the most powerful hormones present in the human body). Insulin assists the body in glycogen replenishment via the active transport of nutrients into muscle cells by way of the sodium potassium pump, which is located in the cell surface of the muscles. In doing this, insulin naturally assists in keeping the body in a state of anabolism (builds things and consumes energy) and actually prevents catabolism (breaks things down and gives out energy).So what does that mean? Timing is everything! It is only good to introduce glycogen replenishment when you are insulin-sensitive, and that would be after a resistance workout. Any other time insulin is introduced during a state of insensitivity, which is most of the time, negative health consequences occur.Different Strokes for Different FolksThe truth of the matter is that it is all bodies function differently and have individual needs, which are directly dictated by your genetics, pre-existing medical conditions, exercise, and diet. According to a 1993 study by Pascoe et. al, the average person who consumes carbohydrates with every meal does not need to worry about glycogen restoration, being carbohydrates only contribute to a 16% increase in muscle. The average person should mainly be concerned with increasing protein synthesis.So, eating a diet high in carbohydrates will have their glycogen stores replenished within 24 hours anyway. But post-workout nutrition needs are different for everyone: some exceptions are endurance athletes, people who train more than twice daily and those that follow a more ketogenic-styled diet. Therefore it is of great importance for people following a low carbohydrate diet to consume high glycemic carbohydrate sources about an hour following a resistance workout; at the very least, some high glycemic carbohydrates with the first meal following a post-workout shake. Examples of high glycemic carbs include white rice, white potatoes, pasta, etc.Post-Workout Nutrition RecommendationsIt is important to keep moving forward – don’t bury your feet deep in the sand. Expand your knowledge, and thoroughly research the science that is available on post-workout nutrition in order to be up to date on the constant changes taking place in the advancements of athletic enhancements.Through properly timed and researched nutritional science and carefully experimenting with different things that may work better for you, you will then be able to observe and record the positive and negative effects of whichever choices you apply. Do a lot of self-experimentation because there is an overwhelming amount of flawed “science” out there, and industry misinformation can negatively influence the way post-workout nutrition is taught and implemented. What you think you know (or what you’ve been taught) could actually be the very road block between you and that next level you hope to reach.

Overview on Some of the Healthiest Eating Lifestyles Around the World

There is a universal wisdom to live a healthy life, but this is not possible unless we all follow a healthy eating lifestyle. If we particularly look at the current scenario, the majority of Americans are constantly battling with food and looking for alternatives in the world to loss their weight. Though many cities in the United States are crowded with numerous health and fitness clubs and local grocery stores are bombarded with low-fat, sugar-free or salt-free products, still the majority of people are overweight. In fact, in other words, we can say that the major population of the United States is unhealthy.The American diet that generally consists largely of fried food, candy or soda ranks high in fat and processed ingredients and small in nutrients. In addition to this, many youths are taking processed foods that primarily contain upper levels of sugar, salt and saturated fat than unprocessed foods. However, if we look at the certain cultures around the world and have insights on their traditional diets or eating lifestyles, we can easily see that they are not just healthy, but also protect bodies against scourges like depression, cancer and heart disease. Many researchers consider that pursuing such diets can help you live with excellent health. So, before you make that transition in your eating lifestyle, here is some of the healthiest eating lifestyle around the world that you must know-Japanese Eating LifestyleIt is really hard to find an overweight person in Japan. Contrasting to most Western cultures that mostly use the term “food” with pleasure, Japanese too relates eating with healing, but in relation to eating habits, they eat what can keep their bodies healthy, both from outside and inside as well. Basically, the Japanese diet consists of soy products, fresh fish, vegetables, green tea. Their daily meal mostly includes cruciferous vegetables, like cauliflower, cabbage, watercress, kale, parsnips, and turnips. Adding to this, seaweed is the primary component of the Japanese diet for centuries. It is often seen wrapped around bites of sushi. Though at times, it can be seen in salads or soups.Chinese Eating LifestyleVery similar to the Japanese, Chinese people also consider seafood as an important part of their meal that affects overall health. It is not consumed just for the sake of the taste, but for the benefits that it generally provides to the body, mind and spirit. Usually the Chinese diet is abundant with vegetables, soybeans, with very little amounts of sugar and dairy products. Their diet is mostly based on clean and fresh ingredients. The most interesting point to note in Chinese eating lifestyle is they always try to maintain a balance in life through food and diet. They follow a yin/yang approach that basically involves eating foods to heal the body. They give great consideration to what they eat and frequently pursue specific diets to make sure that they preserve this important balance. Their diet is relatively simple, yet it provides many health benefits.French Eating LifestyleIn terms of overall disease rates and obesity statistics, one cannot deny the reality that the French population is considered as one of the healthiest populations in the world. If you talk about the eating style of French then it mostly includes butter, bread, wine, read meat, full-fat cheese, and of course, dessert. The French population is major food lovers and regularly indulges on pommes frites. Apart from all this, the French diet also includes a range of heart-healthy ingredients and vegetables or fruits are used liberally in meals. Unlike the Americans who generally prefer the quick way of eating, French on another hand hardly ever eats anything dehydrated or hydrogenated.Mediterranean Eating LifestyleThe Mediterranean region is basically comprised of several countries situated in the Northern Africa, Southern Europe and the Middle East that surrounds the Mediterranean Sea. If we talk about the eating lifestyle of the Mediterranean region, it consists of seasonally fresh fruits, nuts, fish and bean. Moreover, their diet also includes loads of green leafy vegetables, which are rich in beta-carotene and healthy antioxidants. The Mediterranean diet is generally motivated by fishermen and is mostly based on seasonal ingredients. People living in this region mostly prefer to eat fresh food items at different times throughout the year.Today it is no hidden secret that people who pursue traditional eating styles are healthier. Cultures that have always enjoyed eating styles or diets, which are based on whole grains, fish, and natural foods, still maintain to reap the health rewards. As a result, it will better to take the best of what each traditional diet eating lifestyle has to offer. It’s time to make a transition in your eating lifestyle with a meal that features the best traditional and healthiest cuisines from around the world.

Why In House Financing Is Necessary

Retail Credit is being withheld causing many retailers to try to find a buyer for their retail sales contracts. Higher interest and larger discounts are not enough for the finance companies to purchase the contracts. Credit is not offered, as before, therefore to survive in business, it is necessary to have your own in house finance company. If you don’t have one, then you should seriously consider starting one.It is a self-supporting protection for your business to succeed. Outside finance organizations have raised their requirements so high for that only a few people can now qualify for credit.Credit Cards have been a source of financing for smaller amounts. That availability may be eliminated with the new laws soon going into effect. The credit card interest and requirements to get a card are higher, and credit limits may be much smaller. Consumers will be looking for retailers with in house financing.Take the fear out of financing.The first step in managing your own financing is to select a software program that will successfully support the monitoring and communication functions of a finance company. Financing is the key to business success.1. Financing is a very profitable business.
2. You can manage your own credit accounts.
3. Double your profit without increasing your sales.
4. Finance is the largest industry in the world.
5. There is almost no cost in generating the business. You have created all the forms and contracts at the time of the sale.
6. You can make the sale and retain Customers Loyalty.
7. Payments will provide daily cash flow. As you add to your portfolio the cash flow will also increase.
8. Interest is charged every day of the year.Businesses are losing their availability of outside financing. There is no better time to start your financing than now.Your finance division or company is the “Life support system” for your businesses. The criteria for purchasing an account has not changed for the companies who do their own financing, therefore they are doing business as usual. Many of these stores have gained volume because they can finance sales that the others lose. Larger down payments will make the contracts strongerA customer who has purchased over the years, and are suddenly turned down for financing a new purchase, can destroy the customer’s confidence and loyalty.Start your finance division now and each month as you add more contracts your daily cash flow will become sufficient to support your business. If you re-invest your finance profit it will grow at a much faster rate. At that time your business will be self sustaining and will not depend on others to dictate your success or failure.Articles have been written on “How to buy a Contract”, setting up a Credit Policy, and How to Collect accounts. Monitoring and communicating with your customer is very important for finance management. Learn how to analyze your accounts for the best return on your investment.Remember that investing in your own finance division is the best insurance that your company will succeed in business.Richard M. Hadad
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How to Choose the Right Online Photography School

A photography career requires more than a good eye and skills with a camera; good photographers must have drive, technical know-how, creativity, and business sense. Attending a photography school online could be a great way to develop these skills. But before you apply to that online photography college, here are some hints to help you get started and eventually reach your goals.Know Your Photography School GoalsWhat kind of photography do you want to practice? Are you interested in photojournalism, family portraiture, commercial photography, or special event photography? Knowing your career goals can help you narrow down programs and figure out the amount of time you can expect to spend in photography school. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that photojournalists, industrial photographers, and scientific photographers typically need a bachelor’s degree in photography or in the field that interests them, whereas other types of photographers can take a few courses or gain knowledge through experience.Know YourselfContrary to romantic images of photographers easily snapping instantly-beautiful photographs with excellent balance and proportion, a successful photography career requires a variety of skills, many of which you’ll want to develop during your course of study:• Technical expertise
• A good eye
• Creativity
• Stamina
• Good business senseThe last skill may be particularly important; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than half of all photographers are self-employed, which means that good business skills are crucial for a photography career. So even if you’re interested in a branch of photography that requires less training, you may want to take online business classes just to keep your head above water financially.Know Your Online Photography SchoolsNot all online schools are equal! Infamous diploma mills often offer degrees that can be bought at a price, sometimes involving little to no work on the part of the student and, accordingly, little to no acquisition of knowledge. Don’t waste your time and money getting a degree from a diploma mill. Check out the website for the U.S. Department of Education Database of Accredited Postsecondary Institutions and Programs, where you can find out whether the online photography school in which you are interested is accredited.Know Your Financial AidAccording to a New York Times article, online degree programs typically cost about the same as traditional programs, with the added bonus of saving on commuting gas, housing, and food. But students can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year on tuition through available scholarships. There are scholarships based on your major, state, ethnicity, need, gender, career goals, or even your parents’ jobs. So how do you get them? First, you have to know what they are. suggests the scholarship search Web sites, Petersons, and Knowing where to look is the first step toward saving money on your online photography school.Once you’ve done the homework, you’ll be better equipped for studying successfully at photography schools online. The photography field is very competitive, so make the most of your studies at online photography schools.